THE TASTE OF AFRIKA is a timely arrival at this time on our continent when the emergence of a united Afrika is right here at our doorstep. Many entertainment and creative practitioners have looked forward to a day when Afrika will exploit its most dynamic resource found in her people in their diverse accomplishments in, music, dance, film and many more.

THE TASTE OF AFRIKA is perhaps the most captivating propositions that I have come across in my work as a creative professional in some 40 plus years. It is a candid appraisal of the state of industry on the continent and possibly one of its kind in its bid to establish a diversity of platforms designed to provide a very comprehensive approach towards helping to build a viable, unified entertainment industry.


I am confident that this movement, for such it is, will be the convergence of all our energies as we pursue the coming together of Afrika and its diaspora as one to deliver a resounding statement to the world. AFRIKA IS HERE

MIKE AMON-KWAFO, former Director of Television, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (2011 – 14) and Art Director of the Ekow Ansah classic film, HERITAGE AFRICA, is the FOUNDER and EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of GOMNI MULTIMEDIA. With a rich experience in broadcasting, events planning, advertising, multi-media events and projects, spanning 3 decades, he has mastered a number of national and international assignments including Ghana’s presentation at the World Expo, Hanover 2000, the first ever arena presentation to parliament of the Presidential Inauguration, Black Star Square, 2004, the Opening & Closing Ceremony of CAN2008, and the CNN Africa Awards. Mr. Amon-Kwafo provided creative resource for the EXPORT AWARD, MISS GHANA for more than a decade, MISS UNIVERSE and other Pageants. Just a sampling of an endless list of jobs done.


The divine drummer is a most vital part of the traditional Afrikan communication systems. Working a network of sound rolling across huge expanses of settlement, the drum language was like an early day morse coding that connected many enclaves by relay, sending messages of alert, war, invitation and salutations to the community.

The drum itself, considered a spiritual connection, sat at the centre of every performance, from religious enactment through festivals to recreation. The drum became all at the same time an instrument of worship, celebration and fanfare.

The stature and station of the divine drummer makes him easily the most preferred symbol for THE TASTE OF AFRIKA as it begins to roll off the sounds of Afrika across all our nations to bring our peoples together in one and yet complimentary diversity.

THE TASTE OF AFRIKA personifies all the wonder of Afrika, as with others of like mind, we assemble the delicacies of the most endowed continent on the planet.

The TTOA Symbol

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