The Nubian Afrikan Model Experience(N.A.M.E) is an initialized expression of a pan African tailored Model/Fashion event concept designed to establish a global trademark recognition brand for the industry and Fashion business in Africa


This includes numerous events and its begins with touring high schools and college to organize Fashion/Model event coupled with talent hunt or scouting. The aim is to empower the young African woman to fully believe in themselves regardless of their body shape,height,or struggles. The motive of touring various campuses to organize these events is to directly create a fanbase or following by involving them in activities that challenges them to explore their talents and creativity and to also create a structure through which talents can reach a global appeal by training, branding and coaching them to reach international standards and practice.

Tied to the event is a reality show to portray the step to step process it takes to reach a height and to also educate those at home who couldn’t get the opportunity to be present physically to witness the event, by doing this the public will be engaged in the program which will lead to voting for your favorite contestant on our official webpage targeted to expose our webpage and contents to the public and also generate funds to fuel the main event which is the awards show. The motive of the award show is to acknowledge and motivate the creative and artistic minds to continue to do what they do best to inspire the little ones coming up, be who they look up to and also follow their footsteps to achieve success in various endeavors and to also have a plethora of talents across Africa


The Nubian African Model Experience is a platform or medium through which the creative and artistic abilities of the young African girl child or culture can be projected and promoted. One needs to witness the expression of the African culture through Fashion and modeling in order to EXPERIENCE the taste of the Africa.

We are in the age of knowledge and information so WE believe its time to empower the young African woman to ultimately believe in themselves regardless of their natural body stature or skin complexion.


The motive of N.A.M.E is to empower the young African woman to ultimately believe in theirselves regardless of their natural body stature or skin complexion.The target is to bring out the full potential of the female individual in a society where the stereotypical mentalities and systems can limit the exploration of creativity and abilities


N.A.M.E Logo

The logo represents the Afrikan model in a pose of barley dancer with her head up looking into the bright future as life goes around and back to her signifies that it was a woman who brought forth life into this world.


The red stands for the pain,tears and blood she shed during labour.


The gold or yellow stands for her royalty,the black woman has ruled the world before and the fact that she is the medium through which spirit is able to enter the physical world.


The green also stands for mother earth and her nature as it projects the rise of black women especially with how bright the future for her is.

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